HYAFF® based Epidermal Substitute

Hyalosafe® is a transparent biological sheet that is composed entirely of HYAFF®, the esterified version of pure hyaluronic acid which is one of the major components of the human skin. Unlike transparent wound dressings, Hyalosafe® is a bioactive nano-technology product that functions not only as a mechanic barrier but also, and more importantly, as an epidermal substitute with a re-epithelializing function. It acts as a temporary epidermal layer until the epidermis is fully restored.

- Hyalosafe® consolidates the missing HA component in the wound bed which is otherwise abundant in the healthy epidermal tissue.
- Actively regulates the epithelialization process.
- Significantly accelerates regeneration.
- Helps enable a scar-free healing in superficial wounds and burns.
- Acts as an effective barrier against contamination while preserving a moist environment.


Hyalosafe® is indicated for epidermal regeneration in cases of superficial dermal damage. Not recommended for use on infected areas.

- Superficial burns (I&II degree)
- Graft donor sites
- Superficial acute and chronic wounds with minimal exudate
- Subsequent to laser procedures


Hyalosafe® is applied directly onto the clean wound bed. As befitting the highly fragile nature of epithelialization process, Hyalosafe® is designed not to stick to the newly forming tissue. If necessary, Hyalosafe® can be covered with a non-adherent contact layer and fixed into place via bandage. As it has a long lasting effect, one application is generally enough to achieve complete epidermal regeneration.

Hyalosafe®-F Sizes: 10x15cm

Case: Superficial Second Degree Flame Burn

- 28-year-old female
- Hyalosafe® application subsequent to disinfection of the burn area
- Complete re-epithelialization in 21 days with only one Hyalosafe® application.

- CO2 Laser and Erbium Laser procedures
- Hyalosafe® application
- Optimal healing with one application.