HYAFF® based Epidermal Substitute

Hyalomatrix® PA is a dermal substitute composed of a three-dimensional HYAFF® scaffold and a protective, transparent outer silicon layer. It is designed specifically to restore the unique architecture of the dermis in cases involving full thickness dermal damage.

- Hyalomatrix® stimulates dermal regeneration by its steady and sustained release of hyaluronic acid as soon as it is implanted.
- The 3D scaffold provides an ideal environment for cell invasion.
- Stimulates neo-angiogenesis
- Minimizes scar formation due to its ability to regulate collagen production.
- Helps prevent contractures thanks to the neodermis structure it forms.
- Helps reduce revision procedures by enabling a dermal regeneration that supports functional and esthetic qualities of the skin.
- Hyalomatrix® is highly bio-compatible and is fully integrated into the tissue over time.


Hyalomatrix® is indicated for the treatment of full-thickness dermal tissue loss. It is also suitable for use on exposed tendons and bones. Not recommended for infected and/or highly exuding wounds.

- Chronic wounds including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and leg ulcers
- Full thickness burns (deep 2nd degree & 3rd degree)
- Surgical and traumatic wounds


Immediately after the surgical debridement/excision, when hemostasis is achieved, Hyalomatrix® is applied onto the clean wound bed. (The silicon layer must be on top). It can be fixed into place via staplers. It is advisable to cover Hyalomatrix® with a secondary absorbent dressing. Bandaging is also recommended to provide protection as well as enable a close contact of the matrix with the wound bed. The transparent outer layer of Hyalomatrix® allows for regular inspections without disturbing the matrix. Depending on the physician’s decision, when sufficient dermal regeneration is achieved (usually within 14-21 days), the outer silicon membrane is removed and split thickness skin graft procedure can be performed; or alternatively spontaneous re-epithelialization can be preferred.

Hyalomatrix®PA Sizes: 5cm x 5cm, 10cm x 10cm, 10cm x 20 cm

Case: Achilles Tendon Ulcer in Patient with Type 2 Diabetes

- Ulcer unresponsive to treatment for over a month
- Progressive exposure of the Achilles tendon
- Equinus foot due to lack of use

- Meticulous curettage of the ulcerative lesion and correction of the equinus foot.
- Application of Hyalomatrix® at the end of the procedure

- Post-op day 20: Hyalomatrix® has been integrated into the tissue and tendon is fully covered with good functional results (ankle flexing in extension). The newly-formed dermis allowed for rapid re-epithelialization from the edges, with significant reduction of the area of the lesion. .
- Completion of dermal repair with STSG using a very small donor site.