Bioactive Material Composed of HYAFF® and Sodium Alginate Granules

Hyalogran® has a double-acting mechanism that serves to stimulate granulation formation by creating a HA-rich environment while simultaneously ridding the wound bed of necrotic tissues. Thanks to this unique characteristic, Hyalogran® combines the clinical benefits of two different product groups and offers a reliable, practical and cost-effective option in the treatment of chronic ulcers.

- The granule form provides easier application in hard-to-treat surfaces such as fistulas and cavities.
- The HA-rich gel form that Hyalogran® takes upon contact with exudate adsorbs the micro debris that stem from tissue and bacterial degradation and thus helps protect cells from damage.
- It is highly absorbent and can be used in highly exuding wounds.
- Provides the ideal moisture balance.
- Regulates inflammation via the HYAFF® effect; thus:
- enables a healthy and timely transition into the granulation phase.
- Helps minimize malodor and pain
- Hyalogran® can be easily removed from the wound bed by standard irrigation.


Hyalogran® is indicated for the treatment of stalled wounds as well as wounds with necrotic tissues. Suitable also for cavities. Can be used on infected/colonized wounds in combination with the appropriate infection treatment as seen fit by the physician.

- Pressure ulcers
- Diabetic ulcers
- Chronic leg ulcers
- Surgical and traumatic wounds


After standard wound cleansing procedures, Hyalogran® is applied directly onto the wound covering the entire surface with an approximately 3mm-thick layer. Coverage with a secondary absorbent dressing is advised. Frequency of application depends entirely on the condition of the wound, though it is advisable to re-apply Hyalogran® every 3-4 days.
Hyalogran® is available in 2g sterile pouches.

Case: 72-year-old diabetic patient

- DFU following minor amputation
- Wound covered in slough, moderately exuding
- Non-viable, callous wound edges
- Hyalogran® applied after superficial curettage

- Highly effective autolytic debridement with Hyalogran®
- Significant acceleration in wound healing
- Complete healing within 20 days.
- Frequency of application: every 3 days.