Bioactive HYAFF® Matrix for Dermal Regeneration

Hyalofill® is used in the treatment of stalling wounds that are free of necrosis and infection to kick-start the healing process and provide a healthy and fast regeneration. Utilizing the benefits of the HYAFF® technology, Hyalofill®:

- regulates the characteristically chaotic chronic wound environment
- stimulates cell migration into the fibrous matrix
- forms a highly conformable gel through biological degradation and maintains moisture balance
- accelerates dermal and epidermal regeneration


Hyalofill® is indicated for the treatment of partial and full-thickness wounds. Not recommended for use on infected areas.

- Diabetic foot ulcers
- Pressure ulcers
- Chronic leg ulcers
- Partial-thickness burns
- Surgical and traumatic wounds


Hyalofill® is applied directly onto the clean wound bed and is covered with a secondary dressing. Frequency of application should be decided by the physician in accordance with the wound conditions. Hyalofill® can stay on the wound bed up to 7 days depending on the level of exudate. As Hyalofill® is a completely biodegradable matrix, the remnants of the product that have not yet been fully absorbed by the tissue do not have to be thoroughly removed as long as standard wound cleansing procedures are observed.

Hyalofill®-F Sizes:
5cm x 5cm
10cm x 10cm
Hyalofill®-R (rope form for cavities and fistulas)

Case: Chronic Radiodermatitis

- 75-year-old cancer patient
- Painful, exuding wound on scalp
- Inflammation around wound edges and surrounding tissue
- Wound remains unresponsive to prior treatments
- Start of Hyalofill®-F treatment

- Day 6: Integration of the HYAFF® matrix into the tissue
- Day 20: Complete regeneration without scar formation
- Frequency of Hyalofill®-F application: once a week.